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Eight-Reflection Camera


The eight-reflection camera was the first of our ultra-thin prototype cameras. Intended for use as an ultrathin visible-light surveillance camera, this prototype achieves a FOV of 6.7° over 1.23 Megapixels of a color CMOS image sensor with 3.2 µm pixels in just 5 mm of total track. 




Eight-Reflection Lens Schematic

focal length = 38 mm, F/#(effective) = 1.4









Eight-Reflection Camera Assembly
(a) Diamond turned Calcium Fluoride lens
(b) Front side coated with patterned Silver reflectors
(c) Aspheric back side with reflective coating
(d) Active alignment of the CMOS image sensor
(e) Fully functional fixed-focus camera prototype
(f) Packaged prototype camera








Eight-Reflection camera performance
(a) Eight-Reflection camera and a conventional
zoom lens + identical sensor for comparison
(b) Object at 2.5 m
(c) Image taken with the conventional lens
(d) Image taken with the Eight-Reflection lens







For more information:

Download selected presentation slides (pdf)

E. J. Tremblay, R. A. Stack, R. L. Morrison and J. E. Ford, “Ultra-Thin Cameras Using Annular Folded Optics,” Applied Optics, Vol. 46, No. 4 (February 2007), pp. 463-471.

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