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Telescopic Contact Lens

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We present design and first demonstration of optics for a telescopic contact lens with independent optical paths for switching between normal and magnified vision. The magnified optical path incorporates a telescopic arrangement of positive and negative annular concentric reflectors to achieve 2.8x magnification on the eye, while light passing through a central clear aperture provides unmagnified vision. We present an experimental demonstration of the contact lens mounted on a life-sized optomechanical model eye and, using a pair of modified commercial 3D television glasses, demonstrate electrically operated polarization switching between normal and magnified vision.

Project Members:
Eric Tremblay, Igor Stamenov, Dirk Beer, Ash Arianpour, and Joe Ford (UCSD PSILab)
Collaboration with:
Distant Focus Corporation

Contact Lens Ray Trace

Contact Lens Normal and Telephoto Ray Trace

Contact Lens

Contact Lens

E. Tremblay, I. Stamenov, R. Beer, A. Arianpour, and J. Ford, "Switchable telescopic contact lens," Opt. Express 21, 15980-15986 (2013).

Slides are here.