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Platform Motion Blur Image Restoration System

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Image Motion Debluring is a process by which a Point Spread Function (PSF) is used to correct for bluring incurred to an image due to the camera-scene relative motion during the exposure time. The PSF is created using algorithms that correct for blur with (deconvolution) or without measured data (blind deconvolution). The PSF can be field dependent meaning that more than one PSF may be needed to correct blur caused my scene motion. In our research we employ an algorithm to create a PSF. It provides greater speed and less processing in providing an accurate PSFs.

PSF Field Dependence - Spatially variant PSF (left), Spatially variant blurred image (right)

Prototype system

Restoration Results - Blurred image(left), Restored image (right)


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S. Olivas, M. Šorel, N. Nikzad and J. Ford, “Platform Motion Blur Image Restoration System,”Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging (COSI), OSA, CTu2B3 (2012). For presentation, click here.