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2-Dimensional Wavelength Demultiplexer

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            Wavelength demultiplexers generally function with a dispersive element that separates wavelength channels spatially into a single row.  These demultiplexers work within a single diffraction order of the element.  In our 2D demultiplexer, we make use of the multiple diffraction orders of a 40 channel arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) demultiplexer by expanding the working wavelength range.  By working with a broader band of wavelengths, multiple wavelength channels are given at each output of the demultiplexer.  We separate these channels by taking the AWG outputs to free space and sending them through a grating with lower dispersion (75 lp/mm).  This grating is rotated so that is separates the multiple AWG diffraction orders orthogonally to the row of AWG outputs.  The result is a raster scan of wavelength channels in free space.

            Over a 600 nm bandwidth range, we separated 1092 individual wavelength channels.  When the outputs are coupled back into fiber, most of the channels experience less than 10 dB loss with a maximum loss of 15 dB, and we measured very little signal distortion of a 10Gb/s signal. 

Passband of adjacent wavelength channels

Neighboring wavelength channels showing reliable channel separation and bandwidth.

Map of output channels

Mapping of the positions of each channel. The experimental measurements agree with the theoretical calculations.

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